PanOptica is at the Forefront of a new Paradigm in the Development of Innovative Treatments for Eye Diseases.

As a venture-backed biopharmaceutical company led by two veterans of the pharmaceutical industry, our goal is to acquire early-stage product candidates and advance them quickly and efficiently to the human clinical proof-of-concept stage.

What we’re looking for

Our search for new assets focuses on candidates that are at or near the Investigational New Drug (IND) application stage. These assets have often been translated from systemic indications and non-ophthalmic diseases and now show potential for an ophthalmology indication. Additional selection criteria include a validated target, a commercially attractive market, and a feature or mechanism of action that differentiates the candidate from other therapies.

What we offer

Today, pharmaceutical companies with a stake in ophthalmology face a looming revenue gap due to imminent patent expirations and lack of mature, innovative drug candidates. At the same time, companies without a heritage in ophthalmology are increasingly turning to the field to diversify their portfolios. The result is that many companies are seeking partnerships for mid- to late-stage ophthalmology programs with acceptable levels of risk.

PanOptica offers these companies the advantage of an experienced, open-minded partner entirely focused on ophthalmology drug development. With our small size, highly specialized knowledge of the space, and vast network of resources, we can move swiftly to build valuable programs for our collaborators, our shareowners, and, most important, our patients.

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